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Common Questions and Answers

Common Questions and Answers

Q. Why was my credit Card declined?
A. Credit cards may be declined in the Billing address doesn’t match the address on file with your credit card company.
A. Credit card will be declined if the security code on the back of your card is incorrect.
A. Credit card will be declined if the expiration date is in correct.
Q. What is special pricing?
A. Special pricing will show for any item on sale or for customers with special pricing.
Q. Why isn’t the Website showing my correct price.
A. After setting up your account on line you will need to contact us to set up your correct pricing.
Q. What kind of payment do you take.
A. Most major credit cards, Pay Pal, Bank Wire and *Purchase Order.
* Must already have established terms with R. F. Engine.
Q. Can I use the Purchase order option for payment type.
A. If you have open terms with R. F. Engine your order will be processed automatically, otherwise your order will be held and we will try and contact you for payment. You must enter a PO number.

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