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John Deere 4045T Engine

John Deere PowerTech


 Looking to replace your John Deere engine with the least amount of problems?

Let us quote you a new engine made to you serial number specification

Complete engine less the flywheel

Or Call 1-800-828-6943 x244

1 year / 1500 hours parts and labor warranty when installed by your John Deere Dealer.

 4045DF150 PowerTech, 4045DF270 PowerTech, 4045HF150 PowerTech, 4045HF275 PowerTech, 4045HF280 PowerTech M, 4045HF285 PowerTech E, 4045HF475 PowerTech, 4045HF485 PowerTech Plus, 4045TF150 PowerTech, 4045TF250 PowerTech, 4045TF270 PowerTech, 4045TF275 PowerTech, 4045TF280 PowerTech M, 4045TF285 PowerTech E, 4045TF290 PowerTech M, 6068DF150 PowerTech, 6068HF285 PowerTech E, 6068HF475 PowerTech, 6068HF485 PowerTech Plus, 6068TF150 PowerTech, 6068TF250 PowerTech, 6068TF275 PowerTech, 6090HF475 PowerTech Plus, 6090HF485 PowerTech Plus, 6135HF475 PowerTech, 6135HF485 PowerTech Plus

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